Rockies: Rodney Dangerfield of MLB _ No Respect

The Rockies advanced to the post-season for only the fourth time in franchise history last October, claiming the second NL wild-card spot.

They did it despite the fact that injuries were such a problem with the pitching staff that rookies started 93 games, the 11th highest total for a team since expansion began in 1961, and the most by a team in the expansion era that advanced to the post-season. The 2016 Dodgers are a distant second at 70.

The rookie starters combined for  38-28 record, the third most wins for rookies on a pitching staff since the start of expansion.

They did it despite the fact the projected left fielder -- David Dahl -- never appeared in a big-league game. The hope-for starting catcher -- Tom Murphy -- suffered a fractured right forearm during spring training. Their projected first baseman -- Ian Desmond -- suffered a broken hand in spring training and found himself on the disabled list for the first time in his career. 

So a season later, with those young arms ready for a second go-round, how do the bettors look at the Rockies? With a wink of the eye, that's how.

Now, understand, betting lines are not based on the projections of the people who create them, but rather they are based on trying to find a number that will attract as many bets for as against.

With that in mind, consider that @BovadaLV has the Dodgers 9-to-4 favorites to repeat as the NL champion, the Nationals 7-to-2 win their first NL pennant, and the cubs 15-to-4. The Rockies? They are 18-to-1, the ninth best odds in the NL, behind the NL West rival Dodgers, Giants (10-to-1) and D-Backs (12-to-1).

2018 NL Pennant - Odds to Win

Los Angeles Dodgers                9/4

Washington Nationals                7/2

Chicago Cubs                           15/4

St. Louis Cardinals                    9/1

San Francisco Giants                10/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              12/1

New York Mets                          12/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    16/1

Colorado Rockies                     18/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      40/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   50/1

Atlanta Braves                           75/1

San Diego Padres                     75/1

Cincinnati Reds                         100/1

Miami Marlins                            250/1

 Needless to say, they also have the Rockies fourth in line to win the NL West.

NL West - Odds to Win

Los Angeles Dodgers                1/2

Arizona Diamondbacks              5/1

San Francisco Giants                11/2

Colorado Rockies                     6/1

San Diego Padres                     28/1

For those interested, are the odds for the other divisional races and the AL title posted by @BovadaLV :

2018 AL Pennant - Odds to Win

Houston Astros                         11/4

New York Yankees                    11/4

Cleveland Indians                      13/4

Boston Red Sox                       6/1

Los Angeles Angels                  14/1

Minnesota Twins                        18/1

Seattle Mariners                        18/1

Toronto Blue Jays                     20/1

Baltimore Orioles                       40/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       40/1

Texas Rangers                          45/1

AL East - Odds to Win

New York Yankees                    1/1

Boston Red Sox                       7/4

Toronto Blue Jays                     17/4

Baltimore Orioles                       12/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       12/1


AL Central - Odds to Win

Cleveland Indians                      1/5

Minnesota Twins                        5/1

Kansas City Royals                   12/1

Chicago White Sox                    25/1

Detroit Tigers                            28/1


AL West - Odds to Win

Houston Astros                         1/3

Los Angeles Angels                  19/4

Seattle Mariners                        7/1

Texas Rangers                          14/1

Oakland Athletics                      20/1


NL East - Odds to Win

Washington Nationals                1/2

New York Mets                          5/2

Philadelphia Phillies                   10/1

Atlanta Braves                           12/1

Miami Marlins                            50/1

NL Central - Odds to Win

Chicago Cubs                           4/7

St. Louis Cardinals                    15/4

Milwaukee Brewers                    4/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      16/1

Cincinnati Reds                         25/1

Chicago White Sox                    75/1

Kansas City Royals                   75/1

Oakland Athletics                      75/1

Detroit Tigers                            150/1


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