Story Book Moment for Rockies Shortstop in Texas This Weekend

Two years later, Trevor Story's childhood dream will come true.


The Rockies open a three-game series against the Rangers at Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington, Tex., the ballpark where Story, in his youth, was a regular, watching "his Rangers" play, dreaming of being a big-league player himself.

Well, Story is the big-league player he so wanted to be. But when he shows up at Globe Life he will be on the visiting team, the Rockies, and he certainly won't be rooting for the Rangers -- at least for three days.

Story thought the opportunity would come in 2016, his rookie season with the Rockies. The Rockies played two games at Texas in August that season. Story was having an impact season, but he suffered torn ligaments in his left thumb on July 30 and missed the rest of the season.

He had a season to be proud of, leading major-league rookies with 27 home runs, setting the NL record for an rookie shortstop. But he was just a visitor, again, at Globe Life,

"It was cool (two years ago) to go there and be in the clubhouse, but it is going to be real special this time," said Story. "I'm going to be in on the action."

Talking about the Rangers brings back memories for Story.

"I grew up watching the Rangers," said Story, a native of nearby Irving, Tx. "They were my team when I was young. My brother and I went to a lot of games."

Story can rattle off names of key players, including Juan Gonzalez and Pudge Rodriguez, and, with a big smile, Michael Young, his admitted favorite.

"He played shortstop," said Story. "I liked that about him. He was No. 10. My brother wore No. 10 in high school, and then I took No. 10 in high school. He was so consistent. He was a gamer.

"It would be cool to meet him."

Young said he would like to meet Story as well, but he won't be in Texas this weekend.

"I like the way he plays," Young said. "He's a gamer. He does things the right way. I respect him for that."

Story's success, a lot like the success Young enjoyed, is the product of determination to be good. 

He was a surprising Rookie of the Year candidate before the injury in 2016. 

Pitchers made adjustments a year ago, using more off-speed and breaking pitchers.

This year, it's Story who has made the adjustments.

Trevor's Story

2016 97 372 67 101 21 4 27 72 35 130 8 5 .272 .341
2017 145 503 68 120 32 3 24 82 49 191 7 2 .239 .308
2018 68 256 36 69 16 4 14 50 26 77 8 2 .270 .343

With 50 RBI, he is tied with Manny Machado of the Orioles for the major-league lead in RBI by a shortstop, and his 14 home runs are third among MLB shortstops, behind Machado (18) and Francisco Lindor of the Indians (15).

"Between the mental side and the physical side, I feel good," Story said. "I put a lot of work in over the winter. It's not going to be there every night, but as long as I'm having good at-bats I'll be all right."

And finally, Friday night, he will have the dream-come-true moment.

His name will be announced over the speakers at Globe Life Ballpark as a part of the Rockies starting lineup. And he will get to swing the bat and field ground balls on the Globe Life Ballpark field in a meaningful big-league game.


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