Arenado Could DH This Week in Houston, Return to Third in Atlanta

 Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado could be missing at third base until next Friday, giving a right shoulder soreness that forced him out of Friday's game with the Dodgers..

Arenado was available to pinch-hit on Saturday, but Ryan McMahon started at third place, in place of Arenado, who still has right shouler soreness. Arenado said the shoulder soreness flares up when he extends his arm on throws.

Arenado said he was told there is no damage to the rotator cuff. He said the problem is in the middle of the shoulder muscle.

The injury does not affect his swing. And he said the resistance exercises didn't reveal undue weakness.

"It's just making sure the strength is good, and it is," Arenado said. "It's just a little strain or something. Just take it day by day.

"It's affecting my throwing, for sure. I can't go out there if it's going to affect my throwing. It doesn't hurt doing anything except extending when I throw."

    McMahon replaced Arenado during Friday's game when the shoulder issue flared up, and hit the winning two-run homer in the seventh. McMahon has mainly played first base and second base in his limited big-league time, but was drafted in the second round in 2013 as a third baseman. He has been making the adjustments to first and second, while continuing to play third as well, in the minor leagues the past three seasons.

    Arenado would like to return to the lineup for Sunday's series finale with the Dodgers, but the Rockies could look at the fact they are off on Monday, and then could use Arenado to DH in two inter-league games at Houston on Tuesday and Wednesday as a way to give Arenado four more days to avoid testing his arm strength with throws.

    "We've got to make sure we stay on top of it, medically," manager Bud Black said. "Our conversations are where he gets back to playing as an everyday player, and he can manage this and continue to get better, even as he's playing.

    "Hopefully, by then he'll be able to play defense, because we love the glove. But if he can't make it on the field, he'll DH."