Sunday By Comparison: Break Out The Bats

Scoring 8 or More

Date Vs. Score
July 11 Ari 19-2
June 17 @Tex 12-13
May 2 @ChC 11-2
May 29 SF 11-4
June 22 Mia 11-3
July 20 @Ari 11-10
Aug. 17 @Atl 11-5
May 11 Mil 10-11
June 19 NYM 10-8
June 20 NYM 10-8
July 13 Sea 10-7
June 5 @Cin 9-6
June 15 @Tex 9-5
June 28 @SF 9-8
Aug. 25 StL 9-1

The Rockies had been shutdown for six innings on Saturday night. Then, in the bottom of the seventh, new addition/old friend Matt Holliday got the call to come off the bench to pinch-hit. And hit he did. Called up on Thursday, Holliday, who had spent the summer at home before deciding at the age of 38 to return to the Rockies, where he began his career, for one last fling, delivered a home run to give the Rockies a 1-0 lead on St. Louis, a team he played for from mid-2009 through the 2016 season.

"I've been happy with most every home run in his career," said Cardinals interim manager Mike Schildt. "We wish the best for Matt, but can't say that we were absolutely cheering right there. But it was a good swing, a big at-bat obviously. He's a dangerous hitter (and) proved it."

The Cardinals managed to come up with a run of their own in the top of the eighth. It, however, wasn't enough. The Rockies put together an eight-run rally in the bottom of the eighth -- all eight runs scoring before the second out was even recorded. The Cardinals called on four pitchers to try and put down a rally that saw 15 Rockies go to the plate, and the club tied a franchise record with five doubles.

How big a deal is eight runs? Well, out of the Rockies 129 games this season, they have scored more than eight runs in only 15 GAMES -- and that includes Saturday night.

Behind the 8 Ball

Rockies eighth.
Hudson pitching
LeMahieu singled to left.
C.González doubled to center, LeMahieu scored.
Arenado doubled to left, C.González scored.
Story grounded out, shortstop Muñoz to first baseman M.Adams, Arenado to third.
Cecil pitching.
Dahl singled to center, Arenado scored.
McMahon singled to right, Dahl to second.
Wolters doubled to right, Dahl scored, McMahon to third.
Desmond pinch-hitting for Ottavino.
Mayers pitching.
Desmond doubled to left, McMahon scored, Wolters scored.
Blackmon doubled to center, Desmond scored.
LeMahieu singled to center, Blackmon scored.
Weaver pitching.
C.González safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Carpenter, LeMahieu to second.
Arenado singled to center, LeMahieu to third, C.González to second.
Story struck out.
Dahl grounded out, second baseman Garcia to first baseman M.Adams
Runs: 8, Hits: 10, Errors: 1

With what became a 9-1 win the Rockies find themselves tied with the Diamondbacks for first place in the NL West, and tied with the Diamondbacks and Brewers for the second NL wild-card spot, a half-game behind St. Louis.

The Rockies have the second-best record in franchise history after 129 games.

Year W L W-L% RS RA Rdiff Twl Rank Postseason
2009 72 57 .558 646 568 78 92-70 2 Wildcard
3028 71 58 .550 609 611 -2 TBD TBD TBD
1995 70 59 .543 710 691 19 77-67 2 Wildcard
2017 70 59 .543 666 620 46 87-75 3 Wildcard
2010 68 61 .527 605 564 41 83-79 3
1996 66 63 .512 769 766 3 83-79 3
2007 66 63 .512 652 616 36 90-73 2 NL Pennant
2000 65 64 .504 788 720 68 82-80 4
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