CST: Next Step for Van Maanen's NFL Dreams

If Drew Van Maanen needed a reminder that he was not in college anymore, he got one immediately after showing up to train at Parabolic Performance and Rehabilitation in Montclair, New Jersey. The former Wyoming fullback and long snapper developed a reputation for gregariousness during his time in Laramie. But after showing up solo at Parabolic following a training session in Michigan, he found his new set of surroundings took some getting used to.

“So when I came out here, I was kind of like the new fish in the pond,” he said. “And you know me, I’m a real talkative person. So at first it was really weird, because I saw myself kind of shy up a little bit. But other than that, once I started to meet the guys and get to know them, it’s been nothing short of just amazing for me. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

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