Buffalo News: Fresno State Knows Josh Allen Now (Part 4 of 5)

All Josh Allen wanted when he came out of Reedly (Ca.) High was to play football at nearby Fresno State.  

"From 8 or 9 years old, you knew he wanted to go to Fresno State," said Chauncey Lee, one of Allen's Pop Warner coaches. "This kid was dying to play there. The parents probably would have paid his tuition. He didn't even need a scholarship."

Fresno State coach Tim DeRuyter said repeatedly, there wasn't anything Allen could do for his former program.


"Yeah, they blew it," Allen's coach at Firebaugh, Bill Magnusson, said. "Fresno State missed."

Fresno State wasn't alone in whiffing the first time. Allen received zero four-year college offers out of high school, slipped to a modest Central Valley community college, sent roughly a thousand emails to every Division I head coach and offensive coordinator and received one opportunity – only after a priority recruit pulled out.

Fresno State fired DeRuyter during the 2016 season. At the introductory news conference for the next coach, athletics director Jim Bartko made a point to affirm Jeff Tedford knows "where Firebaugh is."

And he knows where Allen is -- in the NFL after playing at the MWC rival Wyoming. He was the seventh pick overall in the NFL draft, going to the Buffalo Bills.

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