Bills Defensive Back: "Josh Allen One of Best Young QBs in NFL"

Tre`Davious White, the Bills' cornerback who was selected NFL Rookie of the Year in 2017 by Pro Football Focus, knows something about quarterbacks. It's his job to help defense against them.

And in the early workouts in Buffalo he's already sold on former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, who the Bills traded up to select with the seventh pitch in the NFL draft earlier this month.

White is a believer in Allen's arm strength.

“It’s great, man," said Allen. "It’s one of the best I’ve seen at such a young age, for him just coming into the league. He’s been zipping that thing, it comes with a lot of heat behind it. He’s going to break a lot of guys fingers this year.

“Is it as good as advertised? It is as good as advertised. Whatever you’ve heard about it, it’s all true. You should come see it for yourself.”

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