Walker Has Numbers That Rank Him Among Elite in Hall of Fame

Larry Walker put together a career that has him among the elite in the history of the game. He ranks well above average among current Hall of Famers in virtually every statistic.

Walker, however, is on the HOF ballot for the ninth time and has yet to receive support from even 35 percent of the veteran members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, who vote on the Hall of Fame membership.

How Walker Compares

Category Stat Rank HOF Leader
Avg. .313 57th Ty Cobb .367
OBP .400 31st Ted Williams .482
Slugging .565 8th Babe Ruth .690
H 2160 107th Ty Cobb 4191
2B 471 51st Tris Speaker 793
3B 62 121st Sam Crawford 309
HR 383 34th Hank Aaron 755
RBI 1311 64th Hank Aaron 2297
BB 913 66th Rickey Henderson 2190
SO 1231 37th Reggie Jackson 2597
SB 230 34th Rickey Henderson 1406
SB% 75.2 17th Tim Raines 84.7
HBP 138 8th Hughie Jennings 287
ExBH 916 42nd Hank Aaron 1477
AB/HR 18.03 25th Babe Ruth 11.76
AB/RBI 5.27 28th Babe Ruth 379
PA/BB 8.8 48th Ted Williams 4.84
%PIT TAKEN 51.9 21st Babe Ruth 67.1
%SWING IN PLAY 42.5 23rd Tony Gwynn 60.8
SWING MISS 22.5 24th Wade Boggs 5.5
Tracy RingolsbyComment