The Walker Files: Durablity? Check the Numbers

Larry Walker, in his eighth year on the Hall of Fame ballot, has never received even 25 percent of the vote despite one of the most complete careers in history. The knocks are he played at Coors Field (one third of his at-bats) and wasn’t durable. Did you know that Walker appeared in 1,988 games, which is more than 59 position players who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame Position Players who appeared in fewer than 1,988 games:

Roger Connor1880-1897(18)1987 games

Joe Medwick1932-1948(17)1984 games

Edd Roush1913-1931(18)1967 games

Pie Traynor1920-1937(17)1941 games

Billy Herman1931-1947(15)1922 games

Dave Bancroft1915-1930(16)1913 games

Mike Piazza1992-2007(16)1912 games

Joe Sewell1920-1933(14)1902 games

Rick Ferrell1929-1947(18)1884 games

Johnny Mize1936-1953(15)1884 games

Kiki Cuyler1921-1938(18)1879 games

Bobby Doerr1937-1951(14)1865 games

Ernie Lombardi1931-1947(17)1853 games

Joe Kelley1891-1908(17)1833 games

Ed Delahanty1888-1903(16)1825 games

John Ward1878-1894(17)1819 games

Arky Vaughan1932-1948(14)1817 games

Joe Tinker1902-1916(15)1805 games

George Kell1943-1957(15)1795 games

Bill Dickey1928-1946(17)1789 games

Johnny Evers1902-1929(18)1784 games

Kirby Puckett1984-1995(12)1783 games

Ray Schalk1912-1929(18)1760 games

Chuck Klein1928-1944(17)1753 games

Jim O’Rourke1876-1904(19)1750 games

Tony Lazzeri1926-1939(14)1739 games

Joe DiMaggio1936-1951(13)1736 games

Hugh Duffy1888-1906(17)1722 games

Bill Terry1923-1936(14)1721 games

Jimmy Collins1895-1908(14)1719 games

Earl Averill1929-1941(13)1668 games

Phil Rizzuto1941-1956(13)1661 games

Dan Brouthers1879-1904(19)1658 games

Travis Jackson1922-1936(15)1656 games

Lou Boudreau1938-1952(15)1646 games

George Kelly1915-1932(16)1622 games

Billy Hamilton1888-1901(14)1578 games

Home Run Baker1908-1922(13)1575 games

Joe Gordon1938-1950(11)1566 games

Larry Doby1947-1959(13)1533 games

Mickey Cochrane1925-1937(13)1482 games

Elmer Flick1898-1910(13)1481 games

Ralph Kiner1946-1955(10)1472 games

Earle Combs1924-1935(12)1454 games

Freddie Lindstrom1924-1936(13)1438 games

King Kelly1878-1893(16)1434 games

Roger Bresnahan1897-1915(17)1430 games

Sam Thompson1885-1906(15)1405 games

Hank Greenberg1930-1947(13)1394 games

Jackie Robinson1947-1956(10)1382 games

Wilbert Robinson1886-1902(17)1371 games

Hack Wilson1923-1934(12)1348 games

Deacon White1876-1890(15)1299 games

Chick Hafey1924-1937(13)1283 games

Buck Ewing1880-1897(18)1281 games

Tommy McCarthy1884-1896(13)1275 games

Hughie Jennings1891-1918(17)1262 games

Frank Chance1898-1914(17)1246 games

Roy Campanella1948-1957(10)1215 games

Ross Youngs1917-1926(10)1211 games

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