The Twisted Path of Alan Trammell from SD to Cooperstown

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — When he was 11 years old, Alan Trammell would walk two miles through a canyon — past coyotes and dairy land — in order to sneak into San Diego Stadium and watch the Padres, one of Major League Baseball’s four new expansion teams.

It was 1969 and Trammell and his neighborhood pals didn’t mind the jaunt through the still wild and undeveloped of part of southern California. When they reached the stadium, there was even more difficult terrain to negotiate.

"For a few years, the general admission ticket was basically a raffle ticket,” Trammell said. “It didn’t have a date on it. So we would always pick up a newer stub and keep it. We would come in prior to the gates being open, so to speak. There might be a gate open and we’d just walk in or sneak under or however you’d get in.

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