The Walker Files: Left on Left Among the Best


Larry Walker, who has failed to get even 25 percent support in his seven previous times on the Hall of Fame ballot, had a a career .306 average against left-handed pitching. Walker ranks 13th all-time among left-handed hitters against left-handed pitchers, based on a minimum of 500 plate appearances, according to

All-time leading left-handed hitters against left-handed pitchers based off minimum 500 plate appearances:

Player BA
Bill Terry .335
Babe Ruth .335
Ichiro Suzuki .329
Tony Gwynn .325
Babe Herman .319
Stan Musial .317
Paul Waner .316
Chuck Klein .316
Ted Williams .314
Lou Gehrig .314
Rod Carew .310
Sam Leslie .308
Larry Walker .306
Lloyd Waner .305