Edwards Excited About the Energy of The 2018-19 Cowboys Basketball Team

LARAMIE – GoWyo.com sat down with Cowboy head basketball coach Allen Edwards to discuss the Cowboys' off-season and other topics. Wyoming just wrapped up their summer training and will be off until the student-athletes return for class in late August.
GoWyo.com: What have you liked about the Player's summer training?
Edwards: I have felt a lot of positive energy. The excitement level of this group has been amazing, not only from the returning guys, but from the new guys. We have worked on a lot of things on the court and in the weight room. We have also enjoyed a lot of time off the court with team bonding and activities. Overall, I just love the energy and the buy in from our players.
GoWyo.com: How great has it been to see the players embrace getting out in the community?
Edwards: It is something that I have wanted to do since I have gotten here and our players and staff have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have spent a lot of time this summer together as a team. We kept the student-athletes together with not just basketball, but we played softball, flag football and other activities. In our outreach opportunities this summer, I think our guys felt like their day and the fans days were made by interacting. It's a great thing and our guys enjoyed it just as much as the community did. . At the end of the day, our kid's guys just enjoyed making an impact in the Wyoming community.
GoWyo.com: What kind of growth have you seen from the team?
Edwards: I thought the upperclassmen did a great job of helping the newcomers. To the point of chiming in to help them in their endeavors. I'm sold on the new guys. They came in with the mind set of wanting to know what to do. They have been open minded and disciplined in the sense of how we work. The level in intensity has gone up and they weren't afraid of it. They took full advantage of the eight weeks.
GoWyo.com: What do you think of the work of new strength coach Marcus Edwards?
Edwards: The biggest thing whether it's on the floor or weight room, we talk about positive energy and a willingness to want to be in the weight room and on the court getting better. Marcus has done a great job training these guys and giving them confidence. His energy feeds off to the kids. You can tell it is working. Justin James has added around nine pounds and Hunter Thompsonhas really toned up.
GoWyo.com: You added Shaun Vandiver to the Staff and Rob Watsabaugh to a Player Development role. What have you liked about their time with the student-athletes?
Edwards: I have known Shaun for a very long time and always respected what he has done in this business. He has been a blessing to the staff and kids and has been a home run for us. Rob has a tremendous opportunity to learn more in the coaching profession to go along with his great strength and conditioning background. He has done a great job and is very well organized and keeps the staff up to date. I have also enjoyed talking with Rob, as he has a great basketball knowledge. These two are both great at what they do and I'm excited about the experience they bring.
GoWyo.com: What will the staff be up to in August?
Edwards: This is our downtime right now. It's a chance to recharge and spend time with family. I'll be heading to a family reunion in Charleston and then go spend time with family in Miami. I think as a coach basketball is always on your mind, but it's an opportunity to spend time with family because they sacrifice so much during the season.