On Second Thought: Drake AD Feels Jilted by Medved

Niko Medved’s departure from Drake to Colorado State slowly developed over nine days from March 13 to March 22. 

That’s what Drake athletic director Brian Hardin told the media at 4 p.m. Thursday, two hours after Marcel Jones, the father of Bulldogs recruit Messiah Jonestold the Register that Medved had let Jones know he was leaving to coach the Rams.

"I am not naive enough to think we were going to be together forever. I would have loved for that to be the case," Hardin said. "I would have loved to build something like Mark Few has at Gonzaga and be somewhere for 19 years and have a great program.

"I just thought we could get more than 11 months out of this relationship, and I thought we were just in the early stages of building something really special."

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