Allen Isn't a Stat Freak -- The Number That Matters is Wins

The numbers weren’t eye shocking.

The result, however, was what mattered to Josh Allen.

With Allen scrambling for the first touchdown of the game on the Bills first drive, and then directing a game-winning drive to a field goal in the final minutes, the Bills upset Tennessee, 13-12 on Sunday afternoon.

“He’s a young quarterback,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “He just put on a game-winning drive against one of the best defenses in the league. I think he’d be pretty confident.”

He is. It is part of the Josh Allen DNA. He has dealt with doubters for so long, it’s just a part of life. He’s not your prototypical quarterback. He’s focused on winning, as the folks in Wyoming can attest from his days as the Cowboys’ quarterback, and he will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

That drive to set up the game-winning field goal saw the Bills run on seven plays, Allen completing three short passes to help keep the drive alive.

“We decided we were going to run the rock,” said Allen. “Coach (Brian) Daboll told me we were going to put it in the hands of our linemen. They did a really good job. That’s a really good front that we faced. Tennessee is a great defense. Top 10 in basically everything. To see that from our guys and to see the excitement they had is definitely going to progress us moving forward.”

The transcript of Allen’s media session after the game:

Allen was 10-for-19 for 82 yards passing with no touchdowns and an interception. He also ran for 19 yards on four carries.

Q: What did you see out there on the touchdown on the first drive?

A: Good fake. I think Shady [LeSean McCoy] was back there, may have been C.I. [Chris Ivory], but rolling around the corner, thought my first and second read were manned up. Looked at the third guy in he was right in front of me so I decided to tuck it and run. We had some good blocking down field and I just kind of dove into the end zone.

Q: At the end there during the last drive, how was Chris Ivory’s run?

A: Tough runner. Everybody has a role on the team, and he knows his role, and he’s going to come in, put his head down and try to run people over. He’s tough to bring down, you saw the last drive. He’s a team player, he did whatever necessary it was to help this team move the football, and we got it done today.

Q: Could you talk about that last drive as a whole?

A: Yeah we went out with four minutes left I believe, and we decided we were going to run the rock. Coach [Brian] Daboll told me we’re going to put it into our linemen’s hands and they did a really good job. That’s a really good front that we faced today, Tennessee Titans are a great defense, top seven or top ten in basically everything so to see that from the guys and to see the excitement that they had, it’s going to definitely progress us moving forward.

Q: What tools are you using to become a better passer as the weeks progress?
A: Just constantly throwing routes on air. Things in the pocket, you know I got out before practice about 30 minutes and I’m throwing with Shay and just working on spiral and a little bit of accuracy things. Today I felt for the most part I was on. There were a couple of throws I wish I could have back that would’ve made it a lot easier. The one to KB [Kelvin Benjamin], the in cut, I put it at his feet, and there were a couple more, but I felt like the decision making, I trusted my gut and my instinct. I got the ball out a little quicker today, and our offense di a great job of protecting.

Q: This was the first fourth quarter comeback drive of your very young career, give us your mindset going out there, were you nervous or confident?

A: I was extremely confident. I actually felt that I was too relaxed. I’m just playing, but I went out there and just felt good. I felt like you know we needed to get to the 35 [yard line], which is [Stephen] Hauschka’s line, and I was just sitting there talking to the guys, it wasn’t nervous, wasn’t anxious about anything, just really saw the plays in front of me. We ran the ball a lot, but there were a couple of third down conversions, the pass to Shady and he made a great play, and the one to 14, Ray-Ray [McCloud], he came up big, that’s a rookie making a really great play, [Dion Dawkins] Dawk got out there, had a huge block to screen him free and really get us into field goal position. It was a complete team effort tonight, and like I said it is only going to carry us into next week.

Q: Coach said that he senses you becoming more comfortable playing at New Era Field, are you?
A: For sure. You know we have the best fans here in the league. They were evident today, they were loud on a lot of third downs, I think forced two delay of games, so that’s what we need, that’s why we love playing at home. We have to defend our dirt for that sole reason, we get this wonderful crowd out here, you know they do have an impact on the game so it’s awesome to see that. 

Q: In the two games that you’ve won the defense has helped put you in better field position, what is the importance as an offense to have a short field like that?

A: Well like I said, Coach McDermott talks a lot about complimentary football, and staying on the field on third down as an offense, rule the time of possession, limiting the turnovers, and on defense, forcing the three-and-outs, forcing turnovers, and in those games we’ve won the turnover margin by quite a bit. That’s why where I come in, making good decisions, not putting the ball into their hands, and our defense came out, and we have some fantastic players on defense and they showed out tonight, and I didn’t expect anything less from them.

Q: For a quarterback that likes to throw, is a little bit tough for you to get away from that and not throw it down field?

A: I care about letters. I care about W’s. I don’t care how ugly the stats look. If we’re out on top, that’s all that I care about. Guys that throw for 400 [yards] and have six touchdowns, but end up losing the game, it’s still a loss at the end of the day, so I’m just trying to do whatever is possible in my power, to help this team move the football, stay on the field during third down, and ultimately put points onto the board.

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