Getting to Know Cowgirl Basketball Player Karla Erjavec

LARAMIE – Leading up to the 2018-19 Cowgirl basketball season, which opens with an exhibition game against Western Colorado on Friday night, ia using Q&A’s to introduce the incoming freshmen. Today, we caught up with Karla Erjavec, a guard from Zagreb, Croatia, majoring in kinesiology and health promotion.

Why did you choose the University of Wyoming?

The dedication these people have here, everybody her is taking care of us as much as they can. Great education program and even better basketball. 

How do you like Laramie so far?

I love it here so far, but it’s a lot colder then back home (haha). This weather at this time is the weather in late November back home. 

How would you describe your style of play?

Teammates oriented, and a good passer and shooter. 

What’s your favorite basketball memory so far?

Winning the U18 Croatia championship after we were underestimated! 

What’s the most fun thing you did this summer?

Enjoyed beach time with my friends and playing for the national team. 

How did you get into playing basketball?

All my family is into basketball. Both my parents played professionally. I was playing volleyball for three years before starting basketball, but there was no forcing from them. It was all me wanting to try something different, and I found myself in it. 

What is your pre-game ritual?

Coming early to the gym, listening to music, getting some shots up before regular warmups and practicing things I usually do in the game. 

What’s your favorite movie?

“Fast and Furious” (every part). 

What’s your favorite book?

“The Fault In Our Stars.” 

What’s your favorite junk food?


Is it more fun to make a play that fires up your home crowd, or silences a road crowd?

Both are the same awesome feeling. 

What game are you most excited for this season?

The home opener just to feel the crowd and really have the feeling of playing again. 

What’s the most essential thing you pack for a roadtrip?

My pillow. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To be invisible. 

How has the transition to college gone so far for you?

It’s been hard getting used to a new language and new environment, but I’m really satisfied about everything right now!

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