Gausman to Wear No. 34 in Honor of Halladay

Being a kid in love with the game of baseball, many of my afternoons and fondest childhood memories are of watching the game with my dad. Naturally I became a huge fan of fellow Colorado native Roy Halladay. He instantly became my idol. For years I watched him dominate his competition. To me, Roy gave me the inspiration that I could fulfill even my biggest of dreams _ being a pitcher just like him. The older I got the more I began to understand the challenges of being a baseball player in Colorado. There have been less than 100 major league players who were born there. I would like to think we have a fraternity amongest ourselves.

The loss of Roy was tragic and is saddening, but I feel honored to have watched everything that he achieved. I plan to wear #34 next season to honor Roy Halladay both on and off the field.

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